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Renewed Roofing is an established roofing business servicing South East Queensland.

We pride ourselves in our professional, courteous, well-informed approach and work with you every step of the way to provide a finished product you are completely satisfied with.

We specialise in roof tiling, giving your home the timeless look characterised by terracotta or concrete tiles that become stronger the longer they’re on your roof.

Roof tiles have many different varieties and colours that will look new far longer than your standard steel roof.

Our attention is in the detail of every job we do, from simple gutter cleans, roof repairs and maintenance work such as re pointing and cleaning, all the way up to extensions and complete re roofs: no job is to big or small.

We are a veteran owned and run business, we are committed to supporting the veteran community by offering discounted products.

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Step 1

Initial inspection and quote Renewed Roofing will inspect your property and examine the old roof or new home or extension you wish to build your roof on. From there, we will measure and inspect the work that needs to be done before proving a quote and a range of options for your tile choices.

Step 2

Preparation Renewed Roofing will take care of any relevant scaffolding or building requirements that need to occur whilst undertaking the installation.

Step 3

Installation We will perform the re-roof or new roof process with the highest quality control and attention to detail. You can still live in your home whilst a re-roof is taking place, as we use strict waterproofing measures to cover up any areas we are working on.

Step 4

Inspection The final stage of the re-roof and new roof process is the final inspection upon completion to ensure your roof will stay strong for many years to come.

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Have you noticed there are a growing number of problems with your roof? If there are leaks in several places and damaged, cracked or missing tiles in multiple locations, then a tough question of whether to continually repair these issues or replace your roof is a tough decision to make. How do you know when it’s the right time to actually make that decision to replace your roof? There are a few questions you can answer about your roof to help you decide and what your roof is saying about replacing or repairing it.

Roof Age

The first question is to consider how old your roof is. If your roof is still within its lifespan and service life, then you could probably get away with repairing it. Your roofs service life is generally categorised according to the type of tile and material it’s constructed from. However, this can change due to poor maintenance and prolonged repair issues which can drastically reduce your roofs service life. Generally speaking, concrete and terracotta tiles can last an average of 50 years, whereas slate shingles can last up to 150 years due to their robust natural rock composition. You will need to take into consideration the amount of maintenance and work you have already done on your roof and whether these problems continue to occur. If your roof is well maintained and within its lifespan then you may be able to repair it.

Visible condition 

Take a look at your roof while standing outside and see if you can notice any cracked, broken or damaged tiles or pointing. If the answer is yes, then this can seriously hinder the strength in your roof and jeopardise the materials underneath (batons, insulation, ceiling). If this kind of damage is in several spots after you have inspected the roof in more thorough detail, then you probably need to replace it especially if these issues have been exposed in wet weather conditions for several months. Inside your home, if you notice leaks or wet spots that have come through after previous rainfalls it is not always indicting a total re-roof, unless those leaks are consistently wet and mould has started to grow. This is an indication that sunlight has been pouring in creating these large mould colonies in your ceiling.

Future Plans 

The final thing to consider when deciding to replace your roof is whether or not you plan on selling your home anytime soon. Building reports and homebuyers will be extremely
concerned about the condition of your roof, and nothing drives away potential buyers if the roof needs significant work or replacement. Investing in a roof replacement can actually increase your home’s value and generate more buzz from potential buyers. Modern concrete tiles manufactured in the past decade can last a life time and also have better gloss retention than a standard steel roof, meaning your roof will look newer for longer. With an extensive array of tile colours and styles to choose from, a new roof is a major draw point for people to come look at your home and see if it’s right for them.

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